Self-Care For Early Childhood Educators


Mar 28
Excellence Matters Self-Care For Educators Resources

Making the time an effort to care for yourself as an educator or leader isn't selfish or something to put off to later.  Rather, self-care is crucial to your own professional practice and well-being.

To help you, we've compiled this resource list for you including a poster and links to places on the web where you can learn more about self-care for Educators.

University of Qld Teacher Self Care

Produced by the University of Queensland, this tip sheet is designed for teachers of children who've experienced trauma. It contains:

  • Tips for teachers to maintain their own health and is applicable to educators as well.
  • Signs to look out for that may indicate you need to seek support.
State Govt Victoria Resilience & Self-Care Information for Early Childhood Professionals

Produced by the State Government of Victoria, this information sheet covers :

  • Connectedness
  • Stress management 
  • Learning about yourself and more...
Promoting Self-Care for Staff & Families

Developed by Kids Matter, the Australian Government, Beyond Blue & Early Childhood Australia, this easy to digest fact sheet includes suggestions for promoting self-care to:

  • Families
  • Staff
Early Childhood Professionals Self Care Action Plan

This light-hearted (but very helpful) 5 minute video from How To Adult explains very simply and easily how to create a Self-Care Action Plan.

Self-Care for Childcare Professionals

From the Himama blog, this quick article includes 6 tips to help you be a more effective child care professional and avoid stress, burnout and negative feelings. We especially like the suggestions under the "Look for the positive" tip.

Elements of Resiliency

In this article, Dr Ingrid Anderson from Portland State University talks about self-care as the act of attending to our physical, emotional, social and cognitive wellbeing and looks at:

  • Reflective Practice
  • Life Skills 
  • Emotional Supports
Early Childhood Educators Develop A Self Care Plan

Written by Reach Out for mental health professionals, this practical guide to creating a Self-Care Plan is a great resource for Early Childhood Educators. 

Work through the step by step process to develop a holistic plan for long-term self-care that is unique to you.

10 self-care tips for early childhood teachers

This article contains 10 tips for teachers that are brilliant for Early Childhood educators. These include some different ideas including:

  • Getting out into nature
  • Creating a comfort pack 
  • Disconnecting

9. Self-Care & Four Easy Ways to Stay Well

Early Childhood Self Care 4 Easy Ways to Stay Well

This article contains some unique ideas for teachers that could work really well for Early Childhood educators too. Read about:

  • Meal Prep Days
  • Creating Rituals
  • Breathing and more....
Self-Care for Daycare Providers

This video is by a Family Daycare Provider  provides some unique perspectives for Educators working within their own homes. 

Excellence Matters Self-Care For Educators Poster

This Self-Care for Educators Poster  contains 12 tips to help Early Childhood professionals maintain their own well-being.

Download this free poster for your team of Educators and share it at your next staff meeting, add it to your staff newsletter or print a copy for each Educator.

Encouraging your Educators to care for themselves is a great way to show leadership and to build the morale within your service

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