Managing Challenging Behaviours

The Managing Challenging Behaviours workshop is one of our most popular professional development sessions and for good reason!   Dealing with children with challenging behaviours can be both overwhelming and exhausting ... especially when you don’t have any background on the child. 

During this workshop we will explore why children do what they do, how we can help them, and look at more holistic and authentic teachings which actually work.

We will begin to understand the reasons behind a behaviour, which can be the starting point of creating a child who not only has a strong sense of self but is also at the forefront of their own wellbeing.


Throughout the workshop we also look at:

How can we be more holistic in our teachings so as to value children as capable individuals who have a voice within their learning environments?

What can we do to encourage children to be more mindful, empathetic and grateful?

How do we work alongside children to teach them to be intrinsically motivated to succeed?

How do we acknowledge a child’s efforts in such a way that they can see their Educators being authentic in their interactions?


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