Stress Management Workshop

The 2 hour Stress Management workshop is run in-house at your service or venue at a day and time that suits you and your team.

Stress is a part of life that cannot (and does not need) to be cured but it can be managed. An in Early Childhood education settings there are many competing priorities for the time, energy and resources of leaders and educators which can lead to stress. The good news is that we can reduce the impact of stress on our health, productivity and well-being by developing awareness and good stress management skills.

The objective of the workshop is to help the participants identify what triggers their stress, how it affects their life personally and and at work and to provide the skills and techniques required for managing stress before it impacts on personal well-being and work performance.

In this workshop, you'll learn about the responses that stress causes, how to identify personal external and internal stress triggers, awareness of warning signs and symptoms of stress, how to monitor stress levels, ways to reduce stress and the specific body language you can use to lower stress levels, working with a stress log and how to tap into breathing techniques and meditation for stress management.

For services that are looking to provide an ongoing wellness opportunity for their educators, a further two workshops are available to empower teams with further well-being skills in managing life balance and life changes.

All stress management workshops are facilitated by Lyn Stephenson, a highly experience Holistic Counsellor and Stress Management Specialist.


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