Are you looking for Early Childhood Professional Development that really brings improvement?

We work with education and care services across Australia to bring about real change and promote quality education and care.

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Professional Development

Yes it really makes a difference!


Staff Engagement

We know it's not easy to get educators and other staff excited about professional development. We design our workshops that there's something for everyone....whether they're new to early childhood or very experienced. And when you have educators are engaged, learning moves from theory to actual change and improvement in your service's program.


Save Time

With our in-house or online options for workshops, you will really save time and travel expenses.  We either come to you at a time that suits your service (usually early evening or weekend).  No time is wasted on travel.  Alternatively some of our workshops are online  and these can be undertaken by educators in about an hour, at a time that suits you.


Prices to Suit

We know that services are different when it comes to budgets.  That's why we have different options so no matter what your budget is, there will be an option so that you can grow the skills and knowledge of your staff.  There are online workshops at a very affordable rates, in-house fixed price workshops, customised workshops designed just for your service and consulting options.

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We know that each service and centre is unique - and that's why we listen first!  We're here to help you achieve the change or solution that you're looking for...all you need to do is ask!

‚ÄčProfessional Development Options

Choose an option that's right for your service

We bring the learning to your service. Each workshop runs for 2 to 3 hours and is delivered by a highly experienced Early Childhood professional with years of experience. Choose one of our pre-designed workshops or have one designed just for your service. Combine 2 or more topics to create a half day or full day training session for your staff.

Choose from 12 training courses modelling good practice and referenced to the NQF.  They are quick and easy to do but still provide excellent refreshers and learning for educators.  These workshops take about an hour to do and can be stopped and started. At the end, the learner receives a certificate to keep as a record of their professional development. 


Sometimes as a service, director or educational leader, an off the shelf workshop is not the answer.  You have a problem or need some advice and we can help. Our mentors all have multiple years of early childhood experience so you can rely on them to assist with whatever project, rectification or plans you require.

We only work with the best!

From designing new workshops, writing articles about the topics you care about, facilitating workshops and providing consulting services, we only work with Early Childhood professionals with years of experience - many of them are still working in services.  We are constantly looking for more facilitators, writers and consultants but we're selective - because we know that you only want the best!

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