20 Easy Easter Crafts for ECEC Services


Feb 17
Excellence Matters Early Childhood Easter egg Nature craft

Encourage a joy in giving and sharing in children with this collection of easy Easter creative activities for children aged 0-5 at your service.

We've focused on crafts that are easy, fun and cost effective using resources that are recycled, natural or you are likely to have on hand.  And most of all we looked for crafts that are simple and that the children can mostly make themselves.

If you have children at your service that don't celebrate Easter, these activities can be adapted to be open-ended celebration activities or general construction or creative experiences.

Here's a nice simple activity that combines an outdoor adventure to collect fallen flowers and other items from nature.

Excellence Matters Early Childhood Easter egg Nature craft

Use oval shaped leaves or cut the leaves into ovals for this resourceful activity.

Excellence Matters Easter creative craft activities for children

A bunny variation of using found natural items to create  a beautiful rabbit picture. Simply print or draw (older children can draw their own) the face to get started.

Here's a twist on colouring eggs that uses natural dyes.  Use the suggestions listed or experiment and see what other colours the children can make.

Use salt dough or air drying clay and let the children's imaginations run wild...

Children can make these nests and fill them up with their dyed and decorated eggs.

Get the effect of puffy paint without all the chemicals using kitchen salt and white glue.

Excellence Matters Children Easter Craft

All you need is chalk, tape and paper for these eggs...great for very young children.

Excellence Matters Easter chalk egg craft

A creative activity and something to play with as well....also good to make as a keepsake for parents of babies or young toddlers.

A fun and sustainable gift for children to make and share with the birds...

We hope you've enjoyed this list of easy Easter crafts and activities for young children.  Be sure to bookmark the page as we update it whenever we come across new ideas.

Ps. For an online course about communicating with families (about Easter or other topics), click here.

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