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Excellence Matters Early Childhood Quotes About Educators
Aug 31

Inspiring Quotes About Early Childhood Educators

Team Building

Educators do an amazing job! So why not show your appreciation for them and what they do by using these quotes about educators at your service. You could:Include them in newslettersQuote them at staff meetings Display them in posters on the wall Write them in thank you cardsAdd them to certificates of service or appreciationUse them as […]

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Excellence Matters Professional Development Intentional Teaching Reflective Practice Discussion
Jul 04

Reflect on Intentional Teaching with these 5 Professional Learning Activities

Intentional Teaching , NQS Quality Area 1 , Professional Development , Reflective Practice

Intentional teaching is best practice and a requirement of the National Quality Standard, Element 1.2.1 Intentional Teaching:Educators are deliberate, purposeful, and thoughtful in their decisions and actions.The following ideas can be used at a staff meeting to facilitate professional discussions between educators and to assess best-practice skills. This may link to the quality improvement process […]

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Excellence Matters Early Childhood Education Service Leader Stress Team
Jun 21

Stress in Early Childhood Education Settings


Simon Sinek, a well-known speaker and author, said:Leaders in early childhood education settings can support the educators, coordinators, leaders and all other staff in their teams by monitoring and managing stress levels. This would be one way of supporting people to “perform at their natural best”. What could cause stress?There are many factors that could heighten […]

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Excellence Matters Team Building Activities Early Childhood Professional Development
May 16

Promote a Positive Attitude to Change with these 3 Professional Learning Activities

Change , Leadership , NQS Quality Area 4 , NQS Quality Area 7 , Staff Meeting , Team Building

We all want to lead and work in teams that work well together. When educators and other staff have respectful and supportive relationships with each other, it creates an environment where children experience security and happiness. It’s easier to build positive relationships with families and it just makes our work lives happier. Whilst occasionally great teamwork […]

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