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Excellence Matters Early Childhood Critical Reflection
Jan 30

Let’s talk about Critical Reflection

NQS Quality Area 1 , Reflective Practice

The National Quality Standard (1.3.2) states that “Critical reflection on children’s learning and development, both as individuals and in groups, drives program planning and implementation.” Critical reflection is a key aspect of an early childhood educator’s professional and reflective practice.  However it takes time to develop the skills of critical reflection and can feel confusing at […]

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Excellence Matters Early Childhood Board Games
Sep 12

How to Use Board Games for Early Childhood Settings

NQS Quality Area 1

Board games are a holistic learning and play experience for children. Sometimes overlooked in early childhood settings as outdated or old-fashioned, board games have so much to offer and deserve to be included when you are programming for an individual child or group of children.Learning Outcomes There are so may skills and concepts that children learn […]

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Excellence Matters Professional Development Intentional Teaching Reflective Practice Discussion
Jul 04

Reflect on Intentional Teaching with these 5 Professional Learning Activities

Intentional Teaching , NQS Quality Area 1 , Professional Development , Reflective Practice

Intentional teaching is best practice and a requirement of the National Quality Standard, Element 1.2.1 Intentional Teaching:Educators are deliberate, purposeful, and thoughtful in their decisions and actions.The following ideas can be used at a staff meeting to facilitate professional discussions between educators and to assess best-practice skills. This may link to the quality improvement process […]

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