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Excellence Matters Early Childhood Critical Reflection
Jan 30

Let’s talk about Critical Reflection

NQS Quality Area 1 , Reflective Practice

The National Quality Standard (1.3.2) states that “Critical reflection on children’s learning and development, both as individuals and in groups, drives program planning and implementation.” Critical reflection is a key aspect of an early childhood educator’s professional and reflective practice.  However it takes time to develop the skills of critical reflection and can feel confusing at […]

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Excellence Matters Professional Development Intentional Teaching Reflective Practice Discussion
Jul 04

Reflect on Intentional Teaching with these 5 Professional Learning Activities

Intentional Teaching , NQS Quality Area 1 , Professional Development , Reflective Practice

Intentional teaching is best practice and a requirement of the National Quality Standard, Element 1.2.1 Intentional Teaching:Educators are deliberate, purposeful, and thoughtful in their decisions and actions.The following ideas can be used at a staff meeting to facilitate professional discussions between educators and to assess best-practice skills. This may link to the quality improvement process […]

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