Who we are

At Excellence Matters we work with with leaders, managers, directors and owners of Early Childhood education and care services. We provide professional development these leaders they need both for themselves and the educators in their teams.

Professional development is provided through in-house workshops, online courses, consulting, mentoring and resources.

Excellence Matters was co-founded by Sherryn Pyke and Pauline Caruana in September 2017.  

We are passionate about quality education in all it's forms.  We are experienced in bringing Early Childhood education and care services the professional development they need to be empowered leaders and educators.

Sherryn Pyke Excellence Matters Early Childhood Professional Development Melbourne

Sherryn Pyke

Director & Co-Founder

Sherryn is committed to ensuring all students receive a positive learning experience and gain the skills needed to carry out their role in their chosen field. To Sherryn, the quality  and standard of training is of the utmost importance.

Sherryn has over 20 years experience in Early Childhood as an Educator, Centre Director, Consultant and Trainer for Accredited Early Childhood qualifications. She sits on the Curriculum Advisory Committee for the Victorian Department of Education.

Pauline Caruana

Director & Co-Founder

Pauline is a education management specialist with 15 years experience in leading the administration, compliance and operations within vocational education.

In these roles, she had oversight for the development and delivery of Early Childhood training programs both nationally accredited and non-accredited professional development programs. 

Pauline is also a lifelong learner and trainer herself, having taught English as a Second Language, various creative outlets and social media programs.

Our team of facilitators and mentors

Sharyn Enright

Sharyn has been involved in the early childhood sector for over 30 years. She worked predominantly in long day care both as room leader/kindergarten teacher and also Centre Director. Sharyn also worked in Kindergartens. For the last 10 years, Sharyn has been working in the TAFE sector as a program co-ordinator and teacher of early childhood education and care programs. Her goal was to give back to the industry and help shape the emerging early childhood educators of the future. Sharyn is now currently work as a freelance facilitator of early childhood professional development.

Olivia Moller Excellence Matters Early Childhood Professional Development Facilitator

Olivia Moller

Olivia  is a Family Day Care specialist with 28 years industry experience and possesses great passion for everything she does. 

Currently, Olivia is  the approved provider and service provider for four different Children’s Services with three Before and After School Care services and Family Day Care she owns and runs.  Achieving two Exceeding Ratings (Before and After School Care and Family Day Care). Family Day Care also receiving young Service of the Year award; national recognition.

Rebecca Pace

Rebecca has worked in Early Childhood Education and Care in many hands on and leadership capacities for nearly 20 years.

Florence's experience and roles include Educator, Centre Director at a Long Day Care Service and currently as a trainer for Nationally Accredited Early Childhood qualifications.

Rebecca is known for her commitment to the Early Childhood Sector and has a deep desire to see educators and leaders well-equipped to be able to confidently and competently provide quality education.

Florence Panteli Excellence Matters Early Childhood Professional Development Facilitator Mentor

Florence Panteli

Florence is a dedicated and driven Early Childhood professional with 10+ years hands on experience.

Florence's experience and roles include Educator, Preschool Teacher, Educational Leader, Nominated Supervisor and Early Years Coordinator.

Florence is known for enthusiasm and ability to build and empower the teams of educators with whom she works with knowledge, skills and confidence.

Jodie Signorino Excellence Matters Early Childhood Professional Development Facilitator

Jodie Signorino

Jodie is an Early Childhood professional with 30 years experience in many spheres of the sector.

Jodie's is currently an advisor and consultant to Family Day Care Services. Other roles in early childhood include teaching accredited Early Childhood training at TAFE and for RTOs, consulting with education and care services, advisor for Early Learning Association Australia and Centre Director and Regional Manager for long day care services.

Lyn Stephenson Excellence Matters Early Childhood Stress Management Facilitator

Lyn Stephenson

Lyn is a holistic counsellor with over 30 years experience and she is a stress management specialist.

Lyn works with leaders, teams and individuals to enhance well-being and group effectiveness. This is achieved through reducing stress, resolving conflict and improving communication.

Lyn's work has included one to one consultations, support groups, personal development workshops, counselling, training volunteers and establishing a safe house for victims of domestic violence.

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