Free curriculum resources

Early childhood teachers and educators, you may find these free resources, lesson plans and activity ideas as useful for inspiration and planning.

Some resources will be more suited to your service than others - use your professional judgement and knowledge of your children, families and community to decide what is suitable. Some are Australian and are others are international so check details particularly in relation to measurements, distances etc carefully and alter them for Australian standards.  We favour resources that don't require any sign-up but where this is required, use your own discretion.

For resources relating to particular events or occasions, check out our Special Days Calendar.

Bookmark this page for future reference and check back regularly as we will be adding more resources as we find them.


Description of Resources 



An Introduction to ANZAC Day for Early Childhood Anzac Day Commemoration Committee

Paper Activity - Making an ANZAC Day Wreath ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee

ANZAC Collection of resources inc videos ABC Education/Fuse

ANZAC Day: A Remembrance Poppy Victorian Dept Education and Training: FUSE Education

Board Games

Make your own board game National Museum of Australia

2 DIY Board Games to Make With Children Hands On As We Grow


Early Years Bushfire Education (Learning about bushfires, preparing for bushfires, responding to bushfires and recovering from bushfires) Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

FUSE Bushfire Education Department of Education (Vic)

Birdie and the fire flip book (Multiple Languages) Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service

Bushfires and Mental Health (resources for adults inc. parents and children) Beyond Blue

Pre-school students fire safety education teachers kit Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Fire and Rescue Youtube Videos for Children Fire and Rescue NSW

Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Resources Australian Red Cross 

Dealing with the loss of a home to fire social story Talking Matters

Dealing with the loss of a home of a friend or family member social story Talking Matters

Dealing with the smoke from fires nearby social story Talking Matters

Evacuating from the threat of fire social story Talking Matters

Reflective questions for educators about bushfire preparedness The Spoke

High Five a Hero positive bushfire news Facebook Group

Tips, suggestions & social stories for children on the autism spectrum  Autism Tasmania

Bushfire Social Story Early Connections

Recovering Together after a Fire - Information & Activity Sheet for Families with Babies & Young Children Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

Emergency information for NDIS pariticipants and families affected by bushfires including links to accessible resources Every Australian Counts


Who lives in our neighbourhood?  Department of Education & Training (Vic)

Culture and Community Lesson Spark (Denver Art Museum)

Who lives in our neighbourhood?  Department of Education & Training (Vic)


Creativity and creative appreciation (not hands on)

Dazzle 'Em Lesson Plan about Symbols  (Denver Art Museum)

Shrinking Story  (Denver Art Museum)

Creative Activities (hands on)

Collaborative Creation Lesson Plan  (Denver Art Museum)

Building with Natural Found Objects (Denver Art Museum)

Piecing it Together (Denver Art Museum)

Weaving with Various Materials (Denver Art Museum)

Tinker with Mark Making Tools (Denver Art Mseum)

Collage with Glue, Paper & Tissue (Denver Art Museum)

Seeing Texture (Denver Art Museum)

Building Stamps (Denver Art Museum)

Layers of Resist (Denver Art Museum)

Drip Drop Paint (Denver Art Museum)

Christmas crafts (Various)

Cultural Diversity

Colours of Australia Song & Lyrics (Aust Human Rights Commission)

Let's Make a Rainbow Lesson Plan (Australian Human Rights Commission) 

What's on the Inside Lesson Plan (Australian Human Rights Commission)

All my Friends & Me Lesson Plan (Australian Human Rights Commission)

Speaking in other languages (Learning Experience 6) Dept Education & Training (Vic)

Cystic Fibrosis

NEW Easter

Easter Bunny Song Bonkers Beat

Easter Sensory Box Learning4Kids

Marbled Easter eggs with Oil and Vinegar Little Bins Little Hands

Exploring Celebrations in Children's Services Community Child Care Victoria

Easter Science Experiment Activity Busy Toddler

Shaving Cream & Easter eggs Sensory Bin Happy Toddler Playtime

Easter Salt Painting Toddler Approved

Engaging & Educational Egg Hunt Ideas Scholastic

Reverse Easter Egg Hunt Crystal & Co

4 Easter Games to Play Outdoors Hello Motherhood

Printable Bunny Shape Mats Fun-A-Day

Easter Lesson Plan Theme Nuttin' but Preschool


Brush your teeth the waterwise way (Water Corporation)

Caring for our Waterways Water Corporation

How we use and save water Water Corporation

What is stormwater? Water Corporation




Water keeps us healthy (Water Corporation)

NEW  Healthy Eating Games and Activities Healthy Eating Advisory Service

Literacy (Vocabulary, Words, Pre-reading, Reading Etc)


Preschool Maths Games (NT Government)

Ten Times Two Lesson Spark (Denver Art Museum)


Preschool Maths Games (NT Government)

Machines Lesson Spark (Denver Art Museum)



Outdoors & Nature 

Physical Activity

Rain & Rainbows

What happens to rain after it falls (Water Corporation)

Let's Make a Rainbow Lesson Plan (Australian Human Rights Commission)



Social Skills



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