Save Time with these 20 Quick & Easy Creative Father’s Day Gifts for Children to Make


Aug 22
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It's time to organise Father's Day craft activities for the children so that they can give a gift handmade with love to their Dad. Here's how to do it the quick and easy way.

We've handpicked projects from around the web that will save educators planning time, can be quickly be prepared, will be fun, are budget friendly and are mostly made with items and supplies that you will already have available. And of course there's something for children of varying ages including babies.

1. Guess Whoooo Loves You Owl Card

Everyone loves owls and this one includes lots of creativity with moving wings, pieces to be cut out, gluing and can be decorated using a variety of mediums including paint and markers.  Click here for the instructions.

2. Best Dad Award Ribbon

Plenty of paper cutting, folding, writing and decorating in this award ribbon for Dad....and very few supplies required.  Click here for the instructions.

3. Fish Handprints

This clever project turns handprints into fish. Once again there's only basic materials needed for this card or picture. Click here for the instructions.

4. Facts about Dad tie

This idea will prompt children to think about their dad and could also be decorated with many different art mediums before writing in the answers. Click here for the instructions.

5. World's Best Dad Award

The picture quality isn't the best on this one but it's a great variation of the award theme for dads but this time using a paper plate and lots of glued on bling.  Click here for the instructions.

6. Love You To Pieces Frame

What a good way to use up those jigsaw puzzles that have lost a few pieces or just purchase a cheap one to use. Of course the frame could be decorated with anything you have available. Click here for the instructions.

7. Tape Resist "I Love Dad" Canvas

Tape, paint and canvases from the 2 dollar shop, it doesn't get much simpler than that.  We love the personalised inclusion of a handprint too. Click here for the instructions.

8. Handprint Tree

This tree could be made by children of all ages with some very basic supplies - it could even be decorated with flowers or other embellishments. Click here for the instructions.

9. Icypole Stick Roll-up Card

This personalised card made from icy-pole sticks can be made as large or small as you and the children like and only requires a few basic supplies that you probably already have at your service.  Click here for instructions.

10. Footprint or Handprint Lion 

Here's a clever use of footprints and finger/handprints.  Change the words on the cards if you like.  Click here for the instructions.

11. Heart and Handprint Card

Such a simple but meaningful and quick, budget-friendly concept for children of all ages. Click here for the instructions.

12. Terrarium in a Jar

This is one project that may require some extra preparation and supplies but it was too cute not to include here and we especially like the addition of the photos of the children. Click here for the instructions.

13. You Rock Card

This is a card and a pet rock all in one and that doesn't require special supplies. You can give children many art medium choices for decorating this gift for their dad. Click here for the instructions.

14. Lolly ties

If a bright and colourful craft is what you're looking for, this could be the one. Click here for the instructions.

15. Superhero Keepsake

This clever handprint and footprint superhero combination could easily be turned a card or a picture using a canvas board or a simple frame. Great for babies and young toddlers. Click here for the instructions.

16. Salt Dough Plaque 

This quick and easy project is a great way of recording babies' hand and foot prints in a way that dads will want to keep forever. This project is also very budget friendly and requires little preparation. Click here for the instructions.

17. Rocket Card - Love You to the Moon and Back

We like the inclusion of fire made out of yarn in this project which adds an extra level of skill and creativity for older children. Click here for the instructions.

18. Suncatcher Jellyfish

Whilst not a traditional Father's Day project, we like the technique and the colour.  This is something that dads could have displayed all year round. Click here for the instructions.

19. Sunshine Noodle Cards

This card or picture is simple and tactile (and good for dads as well as mums) - you can't help but smile when you look at this project. Click here for the instructions.

20. Things I Love About My Dad

This would be ideal for older children - a great way to combine drawing (and possibly writing) with their own special thoughts about their dad. Click here for the instructions.

We hope you enjoy this collection of Father's Day activities. Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below if you used any of the ideas in your service.

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